Naked Super Protein by Fortifeye

Naked protein

Dr Michael Lange and Fortifeye Vitamins released their newest protein supplement in March 2017 called Fortifeye “naked” super protein.  Fortifeye Naked Protein is a pure  non denatured whey protein concentrate from Year round grass fed pasture raised New Zealand cows .  This protein has no flavor, no stevia, no guar gum, and no lecithin just pure protein. No antibiotics, hormones or pesticide are found in this milk.  This non  denatured whey protein concentrate is as pure as it gets.  Most whey proteins have been denatured with high heat and then bleached with toxic chemicals .  Do you really want a chemically heat altered protein ??  Fortifeye Naked Super Protein has never been bleached and has the natural color derived from the grass fed milk.  This protein does not have any emulsifiers like guar gum or lecithin in it so it mixes best with a blender however if u shake it vigorously it will mix with any beverage.  Dr Michael Lange likes to blend with goats milk or A2 cows milk  in order to get some extra  protein that has not gone through any genetic mutations.  A whey protein concentrate is the best way to stimulate muscle , strength and your immune system at the same time.  Drink to your health with a New Zealand grass fed non denatured, non bleached whey protein concentrate! You can purchase this  here   https://www.fortifeye.cyom/products/naked-uper-protein/